Cubase 10 and Bias Amp 2 Compatibility

  • I am having trouble with running Bias Amp 2 in Cubase 10.

    The Bias Amp 2 plug in does load within the DAW, I can access Tonecloud, tweak amp settings etc. However, the plug in does not register my audio signal. I can't get it to actually influence the sound of my audio signal.

    I am using a 2019 iMac with macOS Catalina. I have also installed Bias Amp 2 as an app on my iMac. When I load the app outside of the DAW, it works - the audio signal is picked up by Bias Amp and everything works as it should.

    I have just tested it in Garageband and Bias Amp 2 works fine in Garageband...but not Cubase.

    Any idea what's going on?

  • Looks like it might be a problem on the Cubase side, due to general compatibility problems caused by new operating system. Has impacted several VSTs.