Lost package and no more news of my request...

  • Hi,
    I have no more news of my request (187043) concerning the parcel definitively lost by GLS.
    I gave all the information to Positive Grid support customer service.
    When will you send me a second package?
    When will I receive my order #134134 (Spark amplifier) that I have been waiting for 5 months including (!) 1 month since the package was lost?
    Thank you for your attention,

  • @nico-hure Wow. Good luck with that! I can't even get Positive GREED to give me a frickin answer on where my order is at. Order 136XXX has been "IN TRANSIT" for OVER 6 weeks with no information AT ALL from Positive GREED as to where it is or when it will actually be shipped to me. This is beyond insanity. Patience is past gone at this point and anger has set in.

  • Lost parcel for me as well by GLS France since Dec. 24th (I did call GLS)... No news from PositiveGrid so far...