SPARK AMP APP is it the same as the SPARK learning/EDU app that has a monthly charge

  • Greetings, Does anybody know if the app you get WITH the SPARK AMP is basically the same application they have for the SPARK Learning/Edu APP which has either a monthly or yearly charge? (Which you can use it without buying the SPARK AMP?)

    I assume the AMP APP has more amp type things in the app. But does the "AMP APP" include any of the lessons and such that you get if you subscribe to the learning/EDU app?

    I could not find this information on the forum or in their FAQ.


  • @keithlm

    No it's a different app. On Android it's called Spark Amp: Smart Jam, Chords.

    There are no fees.

  • @k-mcg With as poorly as Positive Greed has treated pre-order customers, it would not surprise me if they started charging a monthly fee for the spark amp as well.