Finally Arrived (Players Special)

  • Well, it finally got here after a little over five months. So far it's a lot of fun! It's actually smaller than I imagined and certainly loud. I had the master at 50% when I first turned it on and that was way too loud for only being a couple feet away.

    My only complaints so far are:

    • The app (Android) doesn't keep the screen on which sometimes causes connection issues. That can be fixed with a screen on app though.
    • I am getting a little bit of hum on high gain presets. Not terrible but I'll probably order that power supply others have mentioned off Amazon.

    Order Details:
    Date: Jan 18th
    Num: 129XXX
    Location: Maryland, U.S.



  • @fatoldowl I ordered 5 days after you. Hope mine shows up this week.