New update for the iOS app -- looping works!

  • there is a new version of the iOS Spark Amp app, and now the looping function works.

    Also they have finally gotten the ability to sign in with our order number, so even though we might not have our amp yet, we can still take advantage of all the functions of the app, including the daily limit on the number of song chord progressions it will share with us.

    Positive Grid do appear to be trying hard, even if their shipping of backorders isn't perfect.

  • Yes, that must be said sometimes. Spark amp and app are two great things. And PG tries to do both better for us. And with the punctual delivery, we still have to practice.

  • @dhbailey which software version are you saying is new, the last one that came out was on 6/3/20

  • @golftee56 the new version is -- brand new earlier today.

  • Found a quick-tip?!
    You can paste any YouTube Video ID into the Search field to quickly locate a favorite clip/backing track.

    FWIW 😢 Ordered in Jan #1294XX so my sad hack is plugging my iPhone (running Spark App) and iPad (BiasFX) into my monitors while I'm … " still sitting here waiting for FedEx to bring me something " blues.

    Not A Spark