Noisegate problem fixed?!

  • Has the Noisegate problem been fixed? I just played a bit and believe that the NG is nowhere near as aggressive in the sound process as before. However, I have not read any of it.

  • @de_cunny

    I thought the same after I'd installed the latest beta firmware a week ago. I'd just installed the latest app version too, so it may have been that. Not sure, but sustain certainly doesn't seem so curtailed.

  • Yes - the sustain is crap

  • I have issues where sustain doesn’t tail off naturally and some single pluck notes aren’t heard at all. This occurs even when the Gate is bypassed.
    I seen a comment on a YouTube channel that, in order to “fix” the power supply issue (that some people reported), Positive Grid’s latest Firmware includes a Gate on all output.
    This “fix” has created an even greater issue.

  • Same problem here. It only seems to happen with certain presets and not with others. The notes drop dead within a second or two and, when playing faster, some notes never ring out at all.