Ordered Jan 09.....Still waiting!!

  • Ordered mine Jan 09 this year still waiting for it. Shows in transit May 13 expect 4-6 to arrive at its destination. What does that mean? Does that mean to me or to the local distribution center? Why is the shipping details so vague? Give me a tracking number? BTW I’m in Canada but this is ridiculous almost going on 6 months and nothing......what company takes your money before shipping your product seems unethical to me.

  • @mjh1717 ask PG support for your tracking number. They gave it to me a couple weeks ago but it only said "shipping information created" for over two weeks until today. Since I have an account on FedEx (free to create) I got a notification today thatiit had actually left a facility in California and is expected to be delivered next Wednesday. PGs status page of course hasn't changed.

    I ordered mine 1Jan 18th and the only way I've got any information in the last few weeks is through Fedex's website.

  • @fatoldowl Same for me..

  • I ordered Jan. 31st, received the same email stating it was "in transit" on May 13th and have received nothing from them regarding the amp since. I'm hoping they have a large batch all being shipped out at the same time and I should be receiving mine sometime next week. Fingers crossed but I'm not holding my breath. Tuesday will technically be the 6 week mark they said in their last email regarding shipping.

  • @fatoldowl pretty safe to say their customer service**BLOWS!!!

  • Someone just posted that their order 157XXX was received today. Another lie from Positive Greed.... "All orders will ship based on when the order was placed. "