Anyone home at support

  • I sent a few emails to support in the last two days. I did a demo of the bias amp 2 a few months ago, uninstalled it, i recently brought the standard edition a few days ago and i cant login to tonecloud i get a -201 error.

    Anyone know to how ti fix?

  • @mflanagan Unfortunately, it looks to me like nobody is home. I have a support request pending that has sat for 15 days with no response. Maybe the support team is swamped dealing with the Spark rollout, but still...this is really bad.

    It's a shame, really; Bias is the best-sounding amp sim I've used. But with serious bugs outstanding and no tech support, I just can't continue to keep using it for something as important as getting my music out into the world. I'll have to switch to another amp sim - maybe Amplitube. Anyone have any other recommendations for alternatives to Bias FX?

  • No, there is no support at Positive Greed. I have opened a couple of tickets and regardless of the question, its the same exact reply which doesn't answer any of the questions.

    Looks like Positive Greed took their $15 MILLION in pre-orders and bought a waterfront mansion in the Bahamas. They are now operating on Island time and will get to paying customers questions when they get to it.