Set up and Sound

  • HI Everyone. I just purchased Bias FX and I am trying to route it through an Alesis USB multimixer to my guitar amp. I have the Cubase LE software for the mixer and have Bias FX running through it. I have watched all of the youtube videos, uninstalled and reinstalled (multiple times) and I am still not getting any difference in sounds through the mixer....just the typical sound of my amp.

    Here is how I set it up:

    1. I have the USB going from my computer to the mixer.
    2. My guitar going to the mixer input and
    3. the mixer output going to the guitar input on the amp.

    When I play my guitar, all I get is the regular amp sound and nothing from the Bias FX presets.

    What am I missing? Please help

  • @csheperis what do the Audio Settings in FX look like? Can you post a screenshot?