Last Chance Received yet?

  • Just wondering if anyone in US has received Last Chance Specials yet?
    me=141xxx Feb 10, May Shipped (ETA 4-6 weeks)
    support says Last Chance should be shipping any day now.

  • @chkatz Don't get your hopes up. Most Players Special orders like me haven't received theirs yet. I ordered Jan 18th and it has been in the "Local Distribution" status for over two weeks...

  • @chkatz I’m 142xxx. Still in transit

  • @fatoldowl - I am in the same boat as @chkatz - "in transit' since May 13th. I was hoping that once the six weeks was up that it would get here pretty fast. Sounds like they are making the tracking stuff up.

  • @csheperis still in transit . Players special. #13xxx. .
    I am lost for polite words. The company has taken me for the longest ride of lies. I really am sorry for this company for the way they handled this. They sent me an email stating that I would receive my amp . By mid June. I was first told late February early March......

    I will wait for it to show up at my door and I will be glad the games they played with me are over.

    I went to their support page, but it would not except my question s. I know shit happens . But I also know to be clear about what has happened . I feel like they are cheating me. It's rude. I feel for the thousands of people that hoped for a new way to explore and learn and create but got slammed with lies PG.

    You shouldn't be so eager to harbor people's money like the way you are.... I will wait for this amp . But u will never get a review, a like , a share etc. Untill you apologize to the people with honesty. Please prove me wrong PG!

  • @chkatz Just got notice from fed-X that mine will be delivered 6-23 player special order #132***. Hope you get your soon. I waited 6 months. Maybe tuesday the wait will be over, I'm not counting on it until it's actually here.

  • I got 135xxx. Hopefully that means mine we’ll get here soon also.

  • @moe-t5671 Thank you, nice to see the supply chain still moving.

  • Here’s my Entire PG history, in e-mails and FedEx tracking updates:

    I live in Katy, TX, USA

    Players Special (Spark amp+bag) Ordered Online 5:41 PM, Friday, Jan 31, 2020
    Received PG order confirmation and order #134xxx 1/31/2020 (same day)
    Received PG Welcome to Positive Grid $10 off e-mail coupon 1/31/2020 (same day)
    Received PG Let’s Get Started! e-mail (Tutorial, Tips, Tricks) 2/1/2020
    Received PG Your Coupon Expires Soon e-mail 2/4/2020
    Received PG Spark Update #4.3 - Players Special Shipping Update 2/4/20 (this is the one that details Overwhelming order response, critical part shortage, Shipping delay for original February date, Super / Early Bird supporter delivery In February, Players Special orders in received order, delay until end of March)
    Received PG Spark Update #4.3 identical to above 2/9/2020 (5 days later)
    Received PG Spark Update 5.2 - Players Special Shipping Update 3/10/2020 (one MONTH later! this update indicates Parts Manufacturer Delays, all Early Birds shipped, pushes Players Special deliveries back to ‘throughout April into May,’ and offers free access to Bias FX2 software, first suggestion will receive tracking number)
    Received PG Thank You For Choosing Bias FX2 Activate Now e-mail 3/14/2020
    Received PG Make Great Tone FAQ Tips e-mail 3/17/2020
    Received PG How Do You Like It? Survey e-mail 3/21/2020
    Received PG Spark Update #6 e-mail 3/26/2020 (this one indicates firmed up supply chain, 1000 amps per day production, lots of amps in transit for distribution ‘throughout March and April,’ fulfillment of all Early Birds and thousands of Power Supporters, watch for e-mail with tracking Info, unlocked Bias Amp and Effects Apps free for 90 days -Midst of finally-recognized pandemic in US)
    Received PG Spark Update #6 identical to above e-mail 3/31/2020 (5 days later)
    Received PG Download Now1 Bias FX2 software update 2.1.9 e-mail 4/10/2020
    Received PG Spark Update #6.1 - Players Special Shipping Update e-mail 4/24/2020 (this one details continued order fulfillment, first mention of new Tracks Tab, 2nd suggestion to look for tracking number when my order ships)
    Received PG Small In Size, Big In Tone Marketing e-mail 5/3/2020
    Received PG Bias FX2 Mobile App Stay Tuned Marketing e-mail 5/8/2020 (suggests check back 5.15.2020)
    Received PG Help Musicians Affected By COVID19 e-mail 5/11/2020
    Received PG Your Order Status Changed e-mail 5/12/2020 (indicates order #134xxx is now Awaiting Shipment, no tracking number assigned yet, link to Tracking Tab on PG website)
    Received PG Reserve BiasFX2 Mobile on App Store Now e-mail 5/15/2020
    Received PG BiasFX2 Mobile AppOut Now Free Download / Special Pricing e-mail 5/21/2020 (Special pricing for free? WTF?)
    Received PG Help Musicians identical to 5/11 ad e-mail 5/25/2020
    Received PG Watch 5 Iconic Metal Tones Bias FX2 Mobile video e-mail 5/27/2020
    Received PG Your Order Status Changed 6/5/2020 (indicates order #134xxx changed to Shipped, provides FedEx tracking number link. FedEx link indicates tracking label created 6/02/2020 11:41 PM, City of Industry, CA)
    Received PG Bias FX2 Mobile #1 Guitar Tone App Marketing video e-mail 6/5/2020
    Received PG Bias FX2 Mobile App Special Pricing Marketing video e-mail 6/5/2020
    Received PG Spark Updat For Pre-Order Customers Shipping Update e-mail 6/11/2020
    (This indicates pandemic-related logistical delays, more amps in transit, last of Players Special amps shipping, Last Chance deliveries should be end of June, new Spark App updates for iOS and Android, and reminder to check Tracking Tab on PG website. THIS IS THE LAST E-MAIL I RECEIVED FROM POSITIVE GRID)

    Now, the FedEx tracking history:

    Tuesday, 6/02/2020 Tracking label created 11:41 PM City of Industry, CA, USA
    Tuesday, 6/16/2020 Shipment picked up 12:00 AM Arcadia, CA
    Tuesday, 6/16/2020 Arrived at FedEx location 2:24 PM Santa Fe Springs, CA
    Tuesday, 6/16/2020 Shipment Exception -Bar Code Label Unreadable and Replaced 3:10 PM Santa Fe Springs, CA
    Tuesday 6/16/2020 Departed FedEx location 11:15 PM Santa Fe Springs, CA
    Wednesday, 6/17/2020 In Transit 9:21 PMVan Horn, TX
    Thursday, 6/18/2020 Arrived FedEx location 7:41 PM Cypress, TX (20 miles N of my house)
    Friday, 6/19/2020 At FedEx facility 4:53 AM Cypress, TX
    Friday 6/19/2020 On FedEx vehicle for delivery 4:59 AM Cypress, TX
    Friday, 6/19/2020 Delivered 2:50 PM Katy, Tx

    I posted an Unboxing video on YouTube: and on the GuitarMasteryMethod - Community Facebook Page. The Spark 40W amp is REAL!

  • @oilyfool I am in Austin. I ordered 3 days after you. I have not received anything. My order is stuck "in transit" since May 13 with no other updates. Nothing from Fedex. Nothing at my door. Angry.

  • @oilyfool What's worse is that "customer support" is COMPLETELY CLUELESS" and will not provide ANY information whatsoever on my specific order. They simply repeat lines from the most recent published posts. I order an incredible amount of product online and never before have I ordered anything where the company cannot tell me where my order is at any particular point. This company absolutely blows.

    What is concerning is that many people have received their amp without any notification from Fedex. The "order tracking" was never updated from "in transit" from PG. If that happens with me, it may be an issue as we live on a private drive and Fedex will sometimes leave packages in the ditch off the main road. (not kidding). I NEED to know when to expect it.


    Has my amp been manufactured yet?
    Has my amp left China?
    Has my amp arrived at a port in the US?
    Has my amp been turned over the Fedex?
    What is my tracking number?

  • 148xxx still filling order, ordered late Feb - Terrible communication and exasperated more by continuing to "pre-sell" (you shouldn't take peoples money until it ships) more amps with June shipping expectations.

  • @chkatz I ordered Players Special on Feb 1, #1355xx, and it arrived yesterday (I live in California, so took two days by FedEx). The packaging was very good, amp in good shape, and while I'm still exploring all the features, all seems OK. I agree PG has some work to do on their customer service and advertising transparency, but the amp is real and I think will be well worth the $$.

  • @jones-gf 600 more to go!!!

  • @moe-t5671 I'm a #132*** as well, I hope that mine is delivered soon. My patience is growing very thin...

  • I ordered on February 8, I have been in the "In Transit" for over 6 weeks now. It is disappointing to read that some have made it to "Local Distribution" but waited additional weeks for delivery. I am trying really hard to be patient, but it is starting to feel like the order tracking is fake.

  • Not sure if it's fake or just wildly inaccurate. I tend to think it's the later based on what I've ready from others.

  • Last chance special,
    Order 1578xx
    Order date Mar 16, 2020
    Ordered from Germany

    Shipping announcement received yesterday
    Delivered today - finally.

    ... but still way ahead of others, I guess I can consider myself lucky! (And no, I'm not home yet, my wife got the package just a couple of minutes ago...)

    Can't wait to get home and test it!!!!

  • @mommekrahn What the HELL Positive Grid???? I am order 136XXX and its been OVER 6 weeks at "in transit" and you shipped out order 157XXX before ours???????????

    Beyond livid at this point. Anyone doing a class action lawsuit??

  • @cratica