New to Bias fx, coming from Helix Native

  • I noticed the Bias responses better than Native in picking attack but in sound i think Native sounds a little better. So im keeping bias. Has anyone own both products?

  • Hello, so interesting that you had these observations. I feel exactly the same as you. I have had BiasFX 2 since 2019 December, and thought I would try Helix Native a couple of weeks ago, with the goal of possibly buying an HX Stomp. I tried the 2 week trial period of Native which to be fair Is really the very bare minimum for FX software. Overall I felt underwhelmed by the feel and response of Native however tones were pretty decent. Overall I felt Bias FX2 is the more engaging software to play guitar with. Just wished Crunch tones were just a little bit better in FX2. I gave Native a pass and purchased the Headrush Gigboard which I just received on Monday. Just started on this unit however initial impressions are very positive.

  • @lecuyer8 Hello, the high gain metal palm mutes were not there and theres allot tweaking. while Bias you just plug and play and also i see more metal players using neural dsp and other.. how are you liking your headrush compared to Bias?

  • As mentioned, I am just starting with the Gigboard and so far am pleased. This unit has a lot of capabilities, and more than I’ll ever utilize. Have not been impressed with the rig presets that came with the unit however I downloaded some rigs from Headrush’ version of the tone cloud and am now much more satisfied. Without question Bias is easier to use, especially the Tone Cloud. However with the Gigboard in my opinion the edge of break up and lower gain tones are better.