BIAS FX 2 v2.1.10.4930 Beta

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    Dear BIAS FX 2 users,

    Please feel free to try BIAS FX 2 v2.1.10.4930 Beta below, any feedback is welcome!



    Release Notes

    • Fixed "Guitar Match settings/status is not remembered after duplicating the track in Logic"
    • Fixed "MIDI PC changes DAW don’t work in DAWs until BIAS FX 2 window is opened"
    • Fixed "AMP Match preset sounds different after being imported into BIAS FX 2"
    • Fixed "Input channel is unavailable when it outnumbers output channels"
    • Fixed "Wrong UI behavior of Studio Comp "
    • Fixed "IR loader crashes the program"
    • Tuner accuracy improvement

  • @mike Thanks, Mike,

    • Noticing a longer loading time than normal when launching the app and plugin

    • Noticing a long wait for the Amp Finder loading screen to display when clicking on an amp and selecting Replace.(about a 10 second delay for me) I'm assuming its because its attempting to load all available amps right away (including those from Amp 2), rather than waiting for the user to select a category and then load that categories amps.

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    @myxolydian Thanks for your feedback, we'll look into this

  • I'm curious, with the slow load, have you updated windows to the optional 2004 feature update? I've noticed the same thing occuring after this, and a lot of other programs are VERY slow to load, while others load right up. Reaper and the vst plugin for fx 2 are VERY slow to load now, and I am on 4950,

  • @cjunkins I do have the 2004 update, but not noticing any slow loading issues with Reaper, or any of my other audio software--just FX2. It's not a big problem for me, just noticing it takes a bit longer than the previous revision.

  • I figured out what was causing windows to load slowly, sort of. I went and disabled all services that were not essential to windows 10 and slowly re-enabled the ones I absolutely needed. Seems it was a service somewhere going rogue. Now windows 10 loads everything as it once did before the 2004 update for windows 10. (I still need to narrow it down to which one specifically) But I wasn't the only one with this issue which is why I brought it up.