Spark amp Serial Number not working for registration

  • I received my spark amp over the weekend.. finally after 6+ months of wait. I am trying to register my amp so I can get the serial for Presonus studio one software, however, everytime I try it says - SN is invalid !. i even asked another person to read and type it (in case I was just not getting it right) but no luck.. anyone else faced this issue and know how to resolve it?

  • @amalaviya

    Use this link to send them a support request. They sorted mine within 24 hours -

  • great thanks, will raise a request.

  • Seems that you can as well use the free presonus one version. Perhaps Reaper, Ableton live or any other DAW is ok for your needs.

  • Technically yes, I could use garageband too. my point was if I have purchased a product and the serial number is not recognised by their own system.. then this flags a concern for me for future warranty. secondly, if there is a licensed product included within the purchase and I can save buying a different software then why not.. i will still try the other DAWs you mentioned. thanks for sharing.

  • @amalaviya I am having the same issue... annoying as the sn has zeroes or os but it’s hard to tell which.
    Tried many combinations to no avail. Have contacted support as per other reply to your op

  • @mailmaxxx yes I contacted the support team and gave them the SN on my amp. they had to enable it in their system. All working now. what I found was it was very hard to read the SN on the device, however, within the iphone or android App once connected if you check the hardware information it has the SN# displayed and is much easier to read. try that and if not email using the support link. worked for me in 24hrs they got back to me.