Control Splitter from MIDI

  • I am using FX Pro as a VST effect in Studio One. I have connected my controller and am able to assign MIDI CCs to control various options, toggle pedals, etc. Assignment and operation are generally not an issue.

    My footswitches are toggles that toggle between value 127 & 0 for a given CC.

    I would like to use a foot switch to control the splitter to select channel A or B. I expected when I put the splitter into Signal mode and assigned the footswitch to signal, that it would switch between A & B based upon the state of the footswitch.

    Instead, what I am seeing is that as soon as I hit the footswitch, the splitter changes to Level Mode and shows a level slider to the right. The footswitch removes or restores this slider to the right which is always at -60 dB.

    The behavior is identical when running FX in standalone mode.

    Hopefully, I am doing something wrong, but would really appreciate a clue as to what.

  • I did manage to fiddle my way into a workaround.

    The splitter position is saved as part of a scene and scene selection can be controlled from MIDI and it largely works as expected.