Absolutely No Installation or Setup Instructions. WTF?

  • Really ticked off that positive grid couldn't be bothered to provide installation and setup instructions with BIAS FX2. It's like pulling teeth trying to figure out how to get this setup. Why couldn't you just put a link in the order email, or even include a pdf or something in the program?
    Instead of expecting customers to go frigging around in the forum or FAQ's looking for just the right instruction.

    OH, here's a thought: Why not send your new customer a Welcome email with a link to a video showing exactly how to set it up?

    I've spent over an hour just running the installation. Then, when I finally figured out where the launch program was hidden (IE Why no desktop launch icon?), it wouldn't connect to my Focusrite interface.

    You can't expect new customers to understand let alone fix these problems without some sort of guidance.

    I suspect you probably have somne instructions hidden somewhere, but they are certainly not easy to find.

    So far, a massive dissappointment.

  • UPDATE: So the installation instructions arrived 1 1/2 hours late by email, which is a pretty poor effort.
    If I pay $270 Aussie dollars for a product I expect it to be a seemless experience. I expect to get the software and instructions straight away after I've given you my cash.
    I don't expect to have to wait hours for everything, and I certainly don't expect to have to go trawling thru forums to find the info I need.
    In any event, I've almost got it working, except I still don't have any sound, but at least it shows I'm getting input and output signals.
    Guess I'll have to trawl the forums some more.
    So far this has been a horrible customer experience, and has almost totally trashed your brand with me.

  • Fixed. Total installation and setup time till actually working 18 hours. Not good.

  • Dude, you install it. You then select your audio interface in a super-hidden section cryptically named SETTINGS. Then you plug in and play. If that takes you 18 hours not sure how you feed and clothe yourself.