• Just wondering why you keep advertising Spark when you can’t deliver in reasonable timeframe?
    Three months and counting

  • @patchrg04 I don't have a problem with them advertising Spark. What I have a problem with is that they CLEARLY are being dishonest about delivery times.

  • I agree, I understand that there were issues caused by the virus and knew this when I ordered May 29. But the website stated a delivery period of June\July and I assumed the problems had been resolved, units were shipping, and the stated June/July delivery date was legit. If it's going to be longer than a 2 month wait they owe us to be honest and tell us. I don't see anything from PG on the website or forum expressing that the shipping delay have been addressed and new orders can expect to receive their units in a timely manner. I also don't see anything in the forums from PG moderators stating how the many cases of excessive hum are being addressed. It seems clear the solution is a grounded power adapter but the spark is still shipping with a non-grounded version. Unless PG addresses these issues on the site or forums I don't intend to have them hold and use my prepaid funds for 6 months interest free! I will cancel my order if PG does not make statements on these issues by end of June.

  • @barkindog_99 said in Delivery:

    I will cancel my order if PG does not make statements on these issues by end of June.

    might as well cancel and get a refund now, PG ain't gonna make any statements

  • @barkindog_99 When you ordered (just a week or so after I ordered) the listed shipping times are June-July. So why not simply wait until July has passed before cancelling your order? You knew when you placed your order that yours might not ship until possibly July, which has 31 days in it. Since we are currently on June 13th, that means there are still 48 more days for them to potentially ship your Spark (and mine, I hope!). I think the amp is such a great thing that I'm willing to wait until mine finally arrives, even if it's not until August or September or even later. With restrictions due to covid19 being eased there is still the possibility that production is being increased and shipping times being shortened.

    I suggest not expecting a change in the shipping months and not asking for a refund now. Wait patiently -- from all that I've seen on the demos (some sent free, some actually purchased by the person doing the demo) it will be an excellent tool when it arrives.

    If you ask for a refund if no new statement from Spark is forthcoming by the end of June, how badly will you feel if people start receiving their amps more quickly as PG is able to ramp up production and shipping? If you then decide to place your order again you'll be moved to the back of the line again and will have to wait that much longer.

  • @dhbailey - I've considered that, and if it takes a full 2 months for it to ship I would be fine with that. But after ordering I found how people who ordered long ago still hadn't received theirs and don't have any idea when it will ship. For PG to still be posting a 2 month delivery period seems dishonest if they don't know if it's possible.. If PG feels it can meet that time period why not say so to the forum members and put their customers at ease? As far as waiting the full 2 months before requesting a refund, there are two reasons not to. 1) They are using prepaid money interest free that really adds up when they are holding near 15 million $ and is not something I want to reward. 2) It would be very simple for PG to give everybody an idea where their order is in the pipeline. They could post a running tally of units shipped. The current tracking info is basically useless until your unit has already shipped. The very few comments they have made aren't helpful at all. The virus caused delay, okay why are people receiving their amp when others who ordered before them hasn't shipped? They won't say anything about their 2 month delivery time they are still stating and taking new orders. All I'm asking for is better communication. If people just accept being treated this way and are still placing orders why should they do the right thing and just tell us. I don't agree with rewarding companies that don't treat their customers right. If I cancel and it somehow magically speeds up and starts shipping will I feel bad after getting a refund? No, it's not that big a deal. You can always reorder once they have fixed the delays, if the price is higher it won't kill me and maybe I just won't buy it. As long as companies get away with being this way they will always act this way.

  • @barkindog_99 Yes, it's VERY dishonest of PG to STILL be posting only a 2 month estimate in shipping. Wishful thinking does not translate to honest information. Then they cleverly tell people that if they order today, last chance orders will begin shipping this month and into July. Clever right? They don't mention that they will also be shipping last chance orders into August, September, October, November. It's a very clever statement with the intent to deceive. There are probably even some laws being broken about deceptive trade practices. I ordered (and PAID) for mine nearly 6 months ago. Their fake tracking "feature" shows mine was "in transit" exactly ONE MONTH ago. Still, no amp. No updates. No tracking number. No package at the door. I would STRONGLY suggest that no one order this amp until they have them in stock, ready to ship IN THE US. Enough is enough.

  • The so called Tracking feature is all SMOKE AND MIRRORS and pretty much useless.

  • seems like they should have just said upfront that they need the pre-payment so they can manufacture the amp, and that shipping delays would be more substantial than they said originally

    I think people would have been fine supporting PG's pursuit of making a mass-producible amp that has awesome functions, but the marketing clearly implied everything was already good to go

  • You mean marketing lied? Wow, that's a first. :)

  • Well. There is new shut downs in parts of China. I wonder how much thats gonna slow crap down again. sigh

  • @chritopher144 Whether or not it actually effects shipping Sparks, at this point, I'm sure Positive Greed will use it as an excuse for pushing things back a few more months. Hey, if people wait 6 months, why not 9 or a full year, right?

  • @cratica I ordered mine in February and it still isn't here. It shows in their tracker as "in transit" since May 13th.

  • @csheperis You will lucky to have it by October imo. New amps that don't hum might be out by then.

  • still in transit . Players special. #13xxx. .
    I am lost for polite words. The company has taken me for the longest ride of lies. I really am sorry for this company for the way they handled this. They sent me an email stating that I would receive my amp . By mid June. I was first told late February early March......

    I will wait for it to show up at my door and I will be glad the games they played with me are over.

    I went to their support page, but it would not except my question s. I know shit happens . But I also know to be clear about what has happened . I feel like they are cheating me. It's rude. I feel for the thousands of people that hoped for a new way to explore and learn and create but got slammed with lies PG.

    You shouldn't be so eager to harbor people's money like the way you are.... I will wait for this amp . But u will never get a review, a like , a share etc. Untill you apologize to the people with honesty. Please prove me wrong PG!

  • I requested a refund after 3 months and a better business bureau complaint. Got the refund in less than an hour. Something weird going on here. Not sure this is a reputable company.