Spark amp is it shit?

  • @lbsubstylee19 That was on purpose, I dont think the Spark is cheap. There is the monetary price, plus the cost of the psychological aggravation due to the pre-ordered+never-shipped units, the hum, the issues with the recording, and a myriad of other problems. If you factor the immense amount of expectation that was artificially created by paid-youtubers, I would say it it is very expensive. It is like ordering a custom made Range Rover, pay it in advanced, waiting for a year to be delivered and then suffer for another year with mechanical issues the the dealer never answer for, until you finally get bored, give up and sell it cheap and go back to your regular brand.
    I think most of the users will eventually go back to their traditional amp, at least until Spark Mark II comes with the typical "our best amp yet" advertising and the cycle repeats.
    I think a fair price for the Spark is about $120, new, definitely not over $200. Dont get me wrong, I have smaller things that cost a lot more (iPhone, iPad, GoPro, Drone, Garmin Watch), but when you see how they are built you are happy you paid, plus their manufacturers actually answer to the customer's concerns.

  • @elgrantimo64 Hey there. I definitely agree with you on many of your points, especially the ones about expectations being very high/youtubers bolstering the demand for these products and artificially inflating the perceived value of the amp. However, to me personally, $225-300 is reasonable for this amp given what it does. Of course I only base that on what I've spent on other music gear ... ... ... With that said, totally agree with you on the poor rollout/shipping of the product, the hum issues, delays in communication, etc. That is unacceptable and I feel that PG should offer some % discount to folks who have experienced said issues, including myself!

  • @elgrantimo64 No idea why you are comparing it to completely different tech. You should be comparing it to it's competition, where it sits about right in the pricing.

    If you want to compare it to other products then you need to ask yourself, do I feel the price is fair for my needs.
    I could tell you that in my opinion, apple products are massively overpriced underperforming garbage, employing shady walled garden tactics, in-built and software driven obsolescence practices and significant ethical and enviromentally damaging production methods.
    But people are happy with their products so it really doesn't matter that I don't think they are worth their cost and completely irrelevant to how much the spark costs.

    Have pg made it appear better than it is through paid youtube reviews? yep, just like most marketing strategies these days.
    Does it feel like we are all beta testers with the software issues? yep, again frustratingly common especially on 'version 1' products.
    Is customer support and communication up to snuff? Nope, it needs sorting.

    Would I buy one again with the experience gained from using it? Yep, it does what I need it to do better than the current competition.

  • I posted earlier about the jack on my Spark being a bit dirty. It was more than that but easily fixed and stopped my dropping out problem completely.

    If you look down the input jack you'll see a horizontal wire. That's the ground, just a spring loaded wire. So, little contact. All I had to do was use a scribe to reach down there and bend the wire out just a tiny bit. That increased it's pressure against my guitar cord's connector.

    Drop out problem solved, at least for me.


  • @cbrandst Well im late to the post but im here obviously for same issue... my comment is that for the money and was so long to get it that the money no longer mattered... its really nice just playing around with.. but more importantly for me.. it was totally worth it to SEE the pedals in play and effects so is helpful for setting up a real authentic gigging rig...with visual and audio cues it really makes that learning curve go up drastically! im a transplant from classical violin over the years so have mostly just played clean so im learning some of this literally by the app! and amp sounds greta for the money ! now... how can we Mod it! lol

  • Sold mine on Craigslist for $200. At least I made a buck.

  • @elgrantimo64 Sorry but are there reports other than normal first production glitches that the knobs are going to fall off, the power section stop working, the memory and capacitors are suddenly going to melt away? For all you know these things may last years and years under proper use. And that iPhone cost about 3 times as much if not more and I can't plug my guitar into it and play it in my living room and get a great sounding HUGE tone.

    What were you expecting for a low cost desktop practice amp?

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