Problems connecting Amp to App via Bluetooth

  • I can use my old phone (Android) with the app and connect fine.
    I bought a cheap tablet and couldn't connect to the amp, so I sent it back. I just got another new, better tablet and it won't connect either. I can see the device in the list for Bluetooth, but the app itself can't find it.
    Any suggestions to get this fixed would be appreciated.

    Also - I find the Android app crashes fairly often - and always after completing a backing track. Anyone else have this issue?

  • @art similar. Connects to samsung s9 phone but wont connect to Samsung tab S4

  • @rick-rhoads Maybe this will help.... I have finally figured it out - my phone was still paired with the amp. Once I unpaired it, the tablet connected right away.

    I'm not much of a phone person and don't use Bluetooth much, but I guess this makes sense.