DAW compatible with Positive Grid - HELP!

  • Hi all. New to any form of computer based recording/effects sims.
    I bought a focusrite and installed Ableton Lite - then bought the Bias FX plugin. It didnt work despite all the walkthrough, instruction and help centres.
    Uninstalled Ableton and tried Garage band (someone told me its easier to use and might actually work with Bias FX).
    Installed garage band and then Bias FX and again no plugins visible. Ive tried the Positive grid wakthrough and no help. The help centre advice ive received is to follow the install instructions which isnt all that helpful when ive told them thats what ive done

    To summarise
    Mac Catalina 10.14.4
    Garage band 10.3.4
    Enable audio units ticked blue
    Bias FX downloaded AU/VST version
    BIAS fx component is in library-audio-plug-ins-components (apparently thats been an issue for some people?)
    Garage band has preferences-audio/midi-enable audio units ticked in blue.
    Nothing but garage band presets in the plugins bit.

    Ive deleted and re-downloaded, Ive restarted my mac multiple times and getting close to wanting to throw my computer into the bathtub.
    Any bright ideas anyone? so far the help centre keeps telling me to look at the install guidelines which I've interpreted as they havent read my email.

    Happy to make a donation to a charity of choice to whoever first helps me get this sucker working!

    many thanks in advance.

  • Hi,
    Uh, I don't know how experienced you are in Garageband, but I remember difficulties like that. I didn't realize where to find the plugins in Garageband. After creating a track I found them finally clicking on the effect-list (the darker black line) and they all are listed. 0_1591692495371_Bildschirmfoto 2020-06-09 um 10.37.55.png

  • Hi ksmichel

    thanks for getting back to me - very kind of you!
    I don't know garage band (or any other DAW) well at all, which may be the problem :)

    under plugins I am on the same screen you are showing here - but the only options I have to click are the garage band presets. There isn't a way that I can see to access Bias FX 2 like in your list. I can share a screen shot when I get back home if it helps describe my problem. Thanks again for your input though