Last Chance Special

  • Anybody get any update or information about there Last Chance Special order?

  • No information about my order (amp and bag), but one strange thing I've noticed about the Spark web-page is that for the two remaining "Last Chance" offers the second number, which I had assumed showed how many were the total being sold for that price, has changed. When I placed my order it was something like xxxxx/10,500. But now the second number has been changed, so they haven't reached the "sold out" level for the amp and bag at $262US or the amp alone for $242US. Ever since I placed my order, the number sold has always been about 75 or so below the total available. So as more people have purchased the specials PG has simply raised the total number available so that people will still think they're getting in on a special deal.

    With the reports of people who ordered in December still not having their amps yet, I figure since I ordered mine in mid-May I won't see it until at least December or even early 2021!

  • @dhbailey "Last chance" has been going on for 7 months now. Marketing gimmick.

  • Like I have said in another thread, they just get the amount of sold items and add 50 and random number between 0-50 and change the last digit to 0 to show the total number of items. Everyone can take a look at the source code of the page and seem themselves. That is just plain silly and pathetic.

    If you open two different browsers, it will most probably show different numbers because of the random element.

  • @dhbailey I do find it interesting that the target number is still changing


    0_1593671061418_Screenshot from 2020-07-01 23-07-25.png

    In the last 24-hours the target numbers for Last Chance went from 14080 to 14220

  • @doug Yep, this company excels in smoke and mirrors. They need less marketing... snake oil and better management. Plus how about they put some of that $15 MILLION+ cash they took from pre-orders and create a customer support department?

  • @steve-greenwood I ordered mine March 14 Last Chance
    Your order is preparing to ship to you. Please check back soon for your tracking number. Please note that due to COVID-19 it may take 2 weeks or longer for your Spark to move through customs and the shipping process at your local distribution center.
    Wed, Jul 01, 2020 16:56

    Check Back Soon for tracking is NEBULOUS!!!

  • I ordered a Spark, Feb 11. My In-transit status was just updated . My hunch is at least four weeks until delivery in Michigan, USA. I'm in no hurry for such a low cost product as long as it performs well. The best Positive Grid can do to mend poor customer relations is to impress with the technology and quality control.
    A great product solves a lot of their problems.