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  • As a small business owner myself, I try to understand logistics and management issues and give the benefit of the doubt over and over and then some. Well, after nearly 5 1/2 months of waiting and getting strung along, I have come to the conclusion that I do not respect the management of this company and will not purchase anything from them again. There is bad management and there is corrupt management. Unfortunately, I believe both can also occur as it does with Positive Grid. I say this because they have clearly made the decision to be less than forthcoming with the shipping situation. This is a decision, not an accident, not just bad management. It was "we have a shipping problem, how can we keep people from cancelling their orders and disrupting our profits? Oh I know, Fake News...let's give them carrots."

    Each month, I have contacted "support" and have been told it would be shipping "next month". Each update has been wrong. Either they do no learn from their mistakes or they make a decision to mislead people for the purpose of stringing people along so that WILL NOT CANCEL THEIR ORDERS. They provide carrots, dangling in front of your face. Everyone knows that most people won't order or keep their order if they know its 6 months out. But many will 1) order or 2) continue waiting if its only 1 or 2 months away so that is what they say.

    I have started a business before. I have designed and manufactured my own hardware that bundled with my software that I developed. My manufacturing was done in China. I knew where things were along the process. I knew when they shipped. I knew when I would receive them. And let's remember, their delivery issues started well before Covid19.

    The last straw for me is their new track order "feature". I received emails in mid May that my amp was preparing for shipment, then the next day on May 13 that it was now in transit. After seeing many people post that they also received information that their amp was in transit on May 13 and them having received their amp last week, I expected mine to be arriving shortly as well. But it hasn't. It still shows "in transit"...

    So I contacted "support" again and he said my amp was scheduled to ship mid to late June.

    Yep, that's right... the tracking BS is just that...BS... or another carrot.

    Positive Grid - The Great Carrot Company

  • I am shocked more people have not joined in to support this post. I have been waiting since 2/2/20 and I have the same experience. The fact is, honesty goes a long way, and they have not been honest. It’s to bad I think it looks like a great product. I plan to give it some more time. But, I am also started researching my options. Who else has had this experience?

  • yea..I ordered 3 November.. still no sign of it......
    PG wins the BS Company of the Year award, I think they better sort their sh!t out or they going to get nominated for BS Company of the Decade award.
    here's an honest review, unlike those early freebie bloggers stuff

  • I have the same situation. I ordered January 31 and received an email May 12 that it’s in transit and nothing else. Still waiting.

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    This is what your Spark is going to look like.

  • @gjnelson316 said in Positive Grid - The Great Carrot Company:

    received an email May 12 that it’s in transit and nothing else. Still waiting.

    mine was 30 April, they do cover their ar$es by quoting 4 to 6 weeks, that give me till mid June to keep mouth shut...

  • @crystalpit thank you for sharing your experience. This Is a major black eye for the company.

  • @cratica said in Positive Grid - The Great Carrot Company:

    My manufacturing was done in China. I knew where things were along the process. I knew when they shipped. I knew when I would receive them. And let's remember, their delivery issues started well before Covid19.

    The delivery issues didn’t start before COVID, that is false. Early in this debacle the company admitted they’d were having challenges sourcing components - that was early in the outbreak in Wuhan.

    The delivery issues are the same as everyone else is experiencing; one product will arrive in no time and inexplicably, another takes weeks to get here (both sourced from China).

    The largest issue is people pre-ordering the amp and then thinking they somehow deserve a quicker turnaround. I ordered Nov. 8. I expected my amp sometime in January. It actually arrived on April 20.

    I reached out to Positive Grid, which opened a trouble ticket with ZenDesk. I received a response that said my question had been answered. It hadn’t; tried Again, got the same response, tried again, and third time lucky, got the same response. Sent a missive to PG explaining how dishonest ZenDesk was making PG look. No response.

    In the middle of all this, PG explained that the products were being shipped by region, not sequentially by order. So - living in Alberta, it took a while longer to put enough sales together to fill the pallet/container or whatever. On this forum, people who ordered after me were receiving amps, whereas people who ordered even earlier were still waiting.

    So - there are a couple of things at play here: a runaway sales success; a pandemic; global shipping in disarray for a short while. But there’s also this overwhelming sense of entitlement and injury that just scream First. World. Problem.

    Suck it up. Your patience needs the practice - it’s how you’ll learn to play.

  • "Suck it up. Your patience needs the practice"

    ROFLMAO!!! I, like many, ordered a product that Positive Grid at the time told me would be delivered in February or March. It is JUNE. And this is my first post about it. And you have the nerve to tell me that I need patience! That is some strong stuff you are smoking... eh? LOL It's people just.like.you that allow companies just.like.positive.grid to exploit consumers. Nice job Canadian!

  • @cratica said in Positive Grid - The Great Carrot Company:

    It is JULY.

    You're right. You win. Congrats.

  • @mcgillivray-kevin simple typo. Good grief. SMH

  • @mcgillivray-kevin So I just went through many posts and looked at this Kevin Mcgillivray's comments. Every time someone posts about their frustrations with Positive Grid's dishonesty or product issues, there is kevin to call them names, berate them or talk about how amazing the product is. Wow. SMH

    Paid troll?

  • @cratica

    You see dishonesty because you WANT to see dishonesty. You see conspiracy because you WANT to see conspiracy.

    PG never lied to me once. They got plenty wrong, no doubt, but they were never dishonest.

    And of course, they have to pay people (well, they've got $16M burning a hole in their pocket after all) on a forum they pay no real attention to to defend them? No, that's just an incredible thought that's escaped from a fevered imagination.

    Keep it real.

  • @mcgillivray-kevin Nope. Wrong again. As usual. I don't see dishonesty until it smacks me in the face over and over and over... which it has with Positive Grid and which explains why I didn't post 3 months ago after the first few lies I was told. You are clearly either high or a PG employee. Telling someone they need patience after they have waited VERY patiently is indicative of that. But proof positive is all your comments on the board where you call people names just for expressing their actual EXPERIENCES with Positive Grid. What are you? 18? Grow up and get a real job.

  • @cratica

    So, still not keeping it real then? OK, I get you.

  • Still smoking strong stuff... eh? You don't know what's real and what's not.

    Everyone complaining about Positive Grid and their actual EXPERIENCES with Positive Grid's dishonesty is NOT real... but YOUR OPINION of THEIR experiences is real... Self Centered Much?? SMH

  • @cratica

    Self-centred, or correct?

    PG never lied to me, and I don't think they lied to anyone else either.

    So many people have misunderstood or misinterpreted the messaging PG has put out it's unbelievable, and the more they misunderstand the more indignant they get. PG definitely need to be more aware of the way their messaging can be twisted in any given situation by people looking for dishonesty and conspiracy. Clearer and less ambiguous would help.

    I'd bet any of your "lies" they told you fall into this category.

  • @mcgillivray-kevin

    "PG never lied to me, and I don't think they lied to anyone else either."

    YOU DO NOT KNOW THAT!!! Stop thinking you know what is going on with everyone else. What a self-centered piece of work you are!!!!

    Either you KNOW what's going on because you are an employee or somehow related or you DO NOT KNOW. One speaks to your character or lack of... and the other speaks to you being an obnoxious self-centered twat. Either way, you have ZERO credibility at this point.

  • @cratica

    I think you just made my point RE: misunderstanding a message. Well done, you're great at this.

  • @cratica said in Positive Grid - The Great Carrot Company:

    Either way, you have ZERO credibility at this point.

    somehow this proves your credibility? your emotional response and your total overreaction to everything and "projection" is amazing (the fact you said it twice wow), good luck with all that