Looper Please

  • Love the amp the new firmware beta has fixed some issues esp function change clipping noise/sound drop. Biggest want /wish /need /idea Looper Please this amp will be the ultimate practice amp.

  • @quackshack Couldn't you use a looper pedal between the guitar and the amp? I realize that having one built into the Spark would be great, but as long as your looper pedal doesn't color the sound noticeably, that might work. Although I agree that having one built into the app would be very nice.

  • @dhbailey Going that route means any changes to the effects within the Spark amp changes the loop tones. Ideally, a looper built into the amp would be at the last point in the chain.

  • +1
    An effects loop would be ideal, as it would allow for the use of a looper with more features, such as the Trio+, which offers a better style variety of "jam buddies" than the internal SmartJam feature.
    But that's a hardware issue and obviously not going to happen on this platform.
    The next best thing would be to add a looper option at the end of the signal chain in the software. That would be a big welcome addition in flexibility for practice, and even solo "coffee shop" performance.