Positive Grid is not telling me the truth.

  • I know......”join the club”.

    I have been very patient. I placed my order on 12/3. On 5/25 I received an email that my amp has shipped, and was given a tracking number. FedEx tracking showed a shipping label was created on 5/22. That was 12 days ago.

    Nothing has changed since. Joseph at PG “assures” me FedEx has the package, but they are behind. I contacted FedEx a couple of days ago and again today. They have never received the package from PG. and while they are a little behind, it is only a few days....NOT 12!

    PG is not helping. I keep getting the same “canned” response. It is quite obvious that my package was misplaced, but PG doesn’t seem to care.

    I am not happy.

  • I think it took about 2 days from the time the FedEx label was created until it shipped for me. Just got it yesterday. I ordered it on 12/1.

  • the exact same thing happened to me .i called fedx and they said all they had received was the label but yet pg said it was shipped and on its glorious way. i am not happy either. is there a phone # they can be reached?

  • Received an update......FedEx now has my package....almost 2 weeks after I was “assured” by PG they had it. It appears to have sat in PG’s warehouse all that time after the shipping label was created. If PG would have told me that to begin with, I would have understood.

    I like to think all my complaining got someone to check on it. In any case, it is now apparently on its way and should arrive in beautiful central Iowa on Tuesday.

  • Same exact thing happened to me. FedEx received the label on the 5/20 but took another 2 weeks to ship out of City of Industry. I ordered on Dec 3 and received it today.

  • Lol yeah that shipping update was a farce, title might have been designed here in the US but that shit was made China.explains shipping delays. I think all that waited six monthS get the bias FX 2 ultimate and amp free for being patient. PERSONALLY, I find it handy but it’s still digital processing.which I find soulless anyways. No offense spark,, I also feel the same way IK
    Multi media. Probable why I’m cautious about spending another 200-300 just to find out I still have nothing