Presets loaded into the Spark Amp

  • I have ordered my Spark Amp but I know it won't be here for several months. I can be patient.

    In the meantime I'm trying to learn as much about it as I can so that when it arrives I'll be able to jump right in and sort of know what I'm doing.

    I know that we can load 4 presets into the amp itself -- is that 4 presets total, or is that 4 presets for each of the setting of the first knob, allowing a total of 28 presets loaded into the amp? I was under the impression that it was a total of 4 presets, but one of the posts mentions loading one into the first slot for the "clean" setting, which made me wonder.

    Thanks for any help you can offer and apologies if this seems like a silly question.

  • @dhbailey

    There are 4 slots which you can assign a tone to, for quick access by pressing the corresponding button on top of the amp. But any other tones you create or download can be saved to separate tone banks in the app, which are labelled by genre (pop, rock, metal, acoustic etc.) and from there they can be moved into one of the 4 slots if required, or you can use them from where they are.

    Basically, you save your favourite tones to the slots, the rest are stored on the app.

  • @mcgillivray-kevin Thanks for that clarification -- 4 loaded presets and the rest controlled by the app. Thank you.

  • can the whole amp and fx chain be bypassed?
    if so, is the signal true bypass?
    I would like to use my own pedals, or multi fx inline through the input chain