spark amp

  • i would like to know ,why there is no phone number where one can reach these people! also i was sent an email that said my amp had been shipped and when it didn't arive on the date(5/27/20 i contacted fed x and was told that positive grid had only created a label and did not ship the product. what kind of business practice is this? has anyone else dealt with this?

  • @paula1cox Normal business practice - that’s how logistics works. Two things consistently ignored by users decrying the delay in receiving their amps: the coronavirus was very active and parts of China (allegedly where components of the amp were being produced) were under shutdown, and secondly, once production ramped back up, they faced the challenge of transportation shutting down around the globe.
    If I understand their distribution strategy, they ship regionally - gathering all products for a particular region and shipping full containers, rather than fcfs. That’s probably, by the way, why shipping was free.
    I ordered my Spark on Nov. 8, received it April 20. I can tell you this: the anxiety created by impatiently waiting starts disappearing when you see Positive Grid on the outside of the box and is gone completely after the first handful of chords.
    Backing products like these isn’t for the faint of heart. But it does have its rewards.