I find the overall sound very bass heavy.....anyone else?

  • @floraliner Hey, thanks for your helpful reply.

  • Defintely agree with general consensus that bass is way too much. In a box this size with no soundproofing to control it, it's muddy, flabby and tiring to listen to.

    Whilst I'm impressed with the rest of the spark features, I just don't understand why PG didn't spend more time considering where people would place it (floor or shelf/desk up near a wall) and tune accordingly.

    I've mitigated it for music by running an EQ app on my tablet. (-7db at 60hz, -6db at 230hz) then some boost on the highs because they are lacking too (+2db at 3khz, +3db at 14khz).

    Not at all scientific, just personal preference. I do like bass if its done well - this isn't !

    Ordered some new speakers and foam port plug so hopefully can stop using the excessive eq adjustments.

  • @carl-galilee PG didn't do all that tuning to minimize the bass response because the Spark is designed to work with guitars and with basses. If they had minimized the bass response, imagine all the bass players who would be complaining the opposite of the guitar players.

  • @dhbailey so all the guitar players, which I'm guessing outweigh bass players have to suffer as a result.

  • @carl-galilee Apparently -- or place the amp in a better location to minimize the bass, or plug the bass port. There is no way to please everybody on a $240 practice amp.

  • @dhbailey Maybe there is. A simple EQ function on the app should be that difficult I would think. (One that could adjust the levels for all of the sound, not just the guitar output would be ideal.)

  • @cbrandst I (and you and a lot of others) hope that an EQ might be coming along in a future update of the app. There was an update released in the Apple app store today but it is just a maintenance update with no new features added.

  • @dhbailey Yeah, looks like there was an Android update on the 18th. But sadly, it only lists "Bug fixes and performance improvements." Fair enough. I guess those come before new features.

  • I haven’t found a preset that I like as is. In most cases they are pretty bass heavy. I’m able to pull that out a little bit. I’ve found creating a blank preset by shutting everything off including the amp, save it, and starting from scratch give me a more balance tone.

  • Foam and new speakers arrived today.

    Thanks @jstenlake for the details on speakers. I ordered the same visaton FR10's and I'm very pleased with the results. Cheap with a decent linear response.

    Foam bung on its own makes a signifcant difference and tames the bass to much better levels imo.
    Adding the speakers increased clarity due to a better top end, and also seemed to tighten up the bass even more.

    It was a 5 min job to swap over as the spark uses spade connectors and holes line up so non invasive mod.

    I've ditched the eq app on my tablet now as no longer need it.

  • Totally agree, the bass is definitely a big issue. There are already several posts open about it. Funny that all the youtubers did not mention it when they tested it ;-)

  • @carl-galilee - exactly, and you are welcome. Your findings mirror mine and well done for pointing out that this is a non-invasive and easy upgrade. The speakers are the same form factor as the originals, but with extended top end response. Enjoy!

  • I found that more than being bassy, it lacked high end. Like every model needs a bright switch, but there isn't one. I play a Strat, and even with a Strat the sound was dull. I ended up selling my Spark, and went back to my less versatile but better sounding Yamaha THR10C. Which is too bad, because I love the reverbs, delays and mod effects on the Spark.

  • I asked support about an EQ pedal being added to the app. Here is the response I received.....

    Thanks for reaching out.

    I have just checked with our R&D team, and they have confirmed that at least as of currently, there isn't a plan to include an EQ pedal to the Spark app.

  • @emmongi No matter your opinion of the "stock" sound of the amp i think an EQ pedal should be a no brainer....i use one in my effects chain in both my Zoom processor and my actual hardware effects pedal chain....

  • I have just received my Spark Amp and I am also quite disappointed with the sound.
    Very muddy and dark, as described by others.
    I have compared the sound to reviews on youtube and the same presets sound totally different.
    Even considering that the reviewers use different guitars (I have a Squire Strat and a Ibanez S540) the difference is huge (crystal clear, nice tube-like sounds compared to muddy and somehow distorted).

    I also have an almost 30 year old Zoom 9050. This thing sounds way better than the Spark.

  • different strokes for different folks I reckon.
    I've had 3 sparks already, and all sound the same,
    yes they have plenty bass but turning down the bass knob works just fine.
    All 3 were never muddy at all.
    I tried all types of mfx in line and through aux in,
    I can't complain about the sound, clarity or volume on any of them.
    I do find the speakers are too small to handle bass frequencies through my edrum kit and to a lesser extent, my bass guitar.

  • With bass down and treble up my Strat sounds great. Keep in mind there are other practice amps on the market that might suit your needs better.

  • Here is a comparison of what my Spark amp sounds like for a "clean" sound setting compared to a 15W Fender Princeton amp. To my older ears, the Spark seems to have enough treble (when bass is adjusted down and treble up a bit from the default "Clean" selector):

  • @carl-galilee @jstenlake The bass is far too much for me and i'd like to try the suggestion of the speakers you have come up with. The foam solution is confusing me :-( Can you please PM me if possible? I can't go on like this anymore... if it's not fixed fixed soon i might just gety rid of it for something that has a presence control and far more bite than the Spark 40.

    Many thanks in advance,