Usage question: play along and headsets

  • Hi,

    My apologies in advance for the naive questions about how it works, but if I could receive feedback from someone who has tried the amp, that would be great.

    I know it might not be the best use for this amp, but I was hoping to use the amp it (80% of the time) when the kids sleeping, with my headsets plugged in. The other thing I like to do is to play on top of songs that are on my iPhone.

    So here is my question: with my phone connected to the amp via bluetooth, can I play the songs that are actually on my iPhone (not loaded from youtube through the app), play the guitar on top, and have everything only coming out from the headsets (not the amp speakers so I don't wake up the kids)? And if the answer is yes, can I control the volume independently for the song and the guitar?


  • @ericmail75 yes you can, you just stream you music from your phone via Bluetooth to the Spark and play along, just plug your headphones into Spark and that's it. Once you plug headphone in Spark no sound will come out from its speakers, only through the headphones.

  • @pontesilli70 Great, thanks for your help.

  • @ericmail75 Also, I think that IS the best use of the amp. I don't play in a band, and don't expect to. I have a blast learning to play over a favorite song. Mixing the iPhone output with the range of guitar tones while showing me chord changes is the whole thing for me. Also, yes, the two volume levels are independant.

  • @lapickbiz Thanks :)

  • @ericmail75 what you described is exactly how I use the Spark at my girlfriends house to practice all the songs for my cover band. From the loaded app presets plus the tonecloud I have come up with about 20 presets I use that mate soundwise very close to the 45 songs from my cover band. To me, the Spark sounds much better with headphones. The bluetooth from my Ipad tunes to the Spark sound great thru the headphones and the Spark also sounds great thru the headphones, so it makes silent practice very enjoyable. As mentioned, you can independently control the volume of the ipad tunes and the Spark so you can dial in the perfect balance. The only bummer is there is no footswitch ability, so awkward if you need a clean tone and a distortion for the same song. You can use your finger and click the 4 preset buttons on the top of the spark, but you gotta stop playing to do that. FYI, I was doing Something similar with a Hotone Ampero and a Headrush gigboard (doing aux in from ipad and headphone out), and the Spark’s tones sound better than both (and I have the good Choptones presets in both). The only thing these two have over the spark (for rehearsing with headphones) is their built in buttons to change presets.

  • @bschultz8 Thank you so much for the detailed feedback, that's good to know.

  • Could someone please go through a step-by-step of how you can hear your guitar and your external device (iPhone or laptop via Bluetooth) on the Spark simultaneously? So far I am only able to hear my guitar. It doesn't work via headphones only, does it?

  • @cronos On your mobile device go in to Settings - Bluetooth and select the Spark 40. It should connect. Play any music on your mobile device, making sure the volume on the mobile device is turned up. Turn up Music Volume knob on Spark (by headphone jack) to hear the music from the mobile device. Plug guitar into Spark and play, using Gain & Output to control volume. Works with or without headphones.