To those at Positive Grid regarding the monstrous delay in shipping the Spark:

  • A recent rebuke:

    I’m trying my best to be patient, and to be sensitive to the complications resulting from COVID-19. However, is spite of the quarantine, I still have to arrive at my job on time, wearing the appropriate PPE, and fulfill the services that I’m contracted to provide while facing the risk of exposure. I don’t get to inform the institution that there will be an additional two-week wait because of COVID-19 before I arrive.

    I ordered my Spark amp on 11/16/2019. Soon we will be coming up on 7 months of waiting for delivery. I currently own your Bias Mini Amp for guitar, along with Bias Amp and Bias FX 2 software. I’ve made investments in your company because of it’s reputation for innovation and high-quality products. I’m extremely happy with my purchases, but extremely disappointed with the monumental mishandling of the delivery time of the Spark. As a professional, I don’t have the luxury of handing extended waiting times to those who depend on me. By the same token, as professional manufacturers, neither do you. Yes, production delays happen, but there’s usually a plan in place for when they do. Those of us who put our faith in Positive Grid by putting down a deposit deserve better than half-year wait. I will not cancel my order, but as a faithful customer and professional, I’m asking you to get your ducks in a row and get us our amps.

  • the medical industry is not the same as the manufacturing industry. I agree that the wait is ridiculous, and they could do a better job of keeping people informed on the progress.