Broken Spark?

  • I got my Spark about 45 minutes ago, the packaging was in good conditions but qhen i tried to tunr on the amp it simply doesn't. No light, not a single life sign from the amp. Am i missing something or i just waited 5 months to get a broken amp?
    The order number is #129578.

  • I tried to connent it to the PC via USB and the red led turned on for a moment.

  • sounds like a power supply problem maybe... it's rare for both to be faulty,
    can you maybe test the output voltage of the power supply with a multimeter? should be 19v minimum

  • I don't have a multimeter at home, if I can't resolve this problem i'll try taking it at work and check it, but I noticed that when the amp had that red flash in the on/off inficator the power brick led was green, but now it's off.

  • I have exactly the same issue.
    The power supply delivered with the spark is dead. I've tested it with a multimeter.
    I asked the support to send me a new power supply asap as after waiting 6 month to get my amp, it's really a shame not to be able to play with it because of a quality issue

  • I have found a multimeter and tested the power supply, the first part, the one that plugs in the walll is fine, iit have continuioty but while it's plugged the connector that goes in the amp seems dead, no signal. I hope you can understand what i wrote, i have no skill in electronics and I'm from a non-english speaking country.

  • @davide-bassanelli
    Davide, prova a testare nel connettore (che si collega nell'amplificatore) se arriva corrente
    dipende certamente dal trasformatore dell'alimentatore, come @ademoissac credo..
    ma penso tu non possa fare altro che contattare il supporto e fartene mandare un altro

  • @samueleonline grazie, ho provato a fare un confronto anche con altri alimentatori che ero certo funzionassero e il problema è l'alimentatore, come prova finale ho usato un alimentatore di un monitor per pc che fortunatamente ha la stessa uscita e lo stesso voltaggio e funziona, adesso proverò comunque a sentire come posso fare per avere una sostituzione dell'alimentatore dato che l'amperaggio di questo è leggermente inferiore ma almeno adesso sono sicuro che il problema non è l'ampli in sè. Grazie ancora e buona giornata.

  • @ademoissac The problem was the power supply, i tried to power it with a power supply from my pc monitor and it worked now i'm trying to contact the customer support to have a new power supply, this one seems fine but has less ampere out.

  • @davide-bassanelli OK, thanks! I've bought a power supply with same V and it works fine
    And no answer from PG support for the moment! It's really a shame

  • Same story. I received mine today, and zero sign of life. I'm not getting the green LED on the power adapter, and testing it with a multimeter shows zero power. My order number is close to yours, so I expect there's a bad batch of power adapters out there. Interesting to hear that you had a flash of red when you connected USB. Probably only 5V but may show that your amp works. Good luck with it!

  • @ademoissac Do you mind me asking where you sourced your replacement power supply? May not be worth waiting for customer service.

  • sure that..
    wait six months for an amp like this and it won't turn on ..
    add insult to injury (is that the expression?)

  • @simongunn
    A local supplier. But you can find some on Amazon :

    *** Warning : I'm NOT a PG employee. This is just a personal advice and you can harm you spark with it or lost your warranty! ***

    You MUST choose a 19V power supply
    It MUST have the same polarity (+ / -) on the output plug
    It MUST be a DC output
    You need a least the same A output capacity (2.5A) but it can be more, as it means that your power supply has the capacity to deliver enough current. If it's less, you risk a shutdown if the amp asks for more
    My 2 cents

    (and I still consider it's a shame that PG does takes this issue as a top priority)

  • @ademoissac Yes, thanks for pointing that out. Quite right. I’m going to wait and see if Support respond over the next few days. I’ve waited this long and to be honest it’s all relatively insignificant compared to what else is going on at the moment.

  • An update to this. Positive Grid Customer Support contacted me within 12 hours of me raising a ticket. They are picking up the amp and replacing it. I can’t complain at their service/intention. This should offer some hope to others with the same misfortune.

  • @simongunn same for me !

  • @ademoissac Thanks for listing the specs for the power supply. Can you clarify the polarity? Is the tip positive or negative?

  • @ademoissac I also meant to ask what the diameter of the connector from the power supply to the Spark amp is?

  • @dhbailey the best is to look directly on our spark power supply. I would say 0.5cm for the diameter and for the polarity, here is a photo of my power supply : 0_1591252171665_20200604_082136_HDR~2.jpg