Tracks Don't Play

  • Most of the time, I select a track, it shows me the chords (and tells me the YouTube video is'nt available), then nothing. Occasionally, I can coax a track out of it, but that's the expection. Doesn't matter if i've played the track before, doesn't matter if it's Apple or Spotify. Ideas?

  • Same issue reported here I haven’t had any luck playing anything except the default tracks.

  • Same Problem. Most of the time I get „Video is unavailable“, sometimes „This operation couldn’t be completed (XCDYouTubeVideoErrorDomain error -2.)”!?
    Same problem on iPhone and iPad. Chordify and standard-tracks are working fine.

    Why the app even tries to connect with YouTube instead of using the song from Apple Music (or Spotify) where I choose it?

  • Someone on the Facebook group received a reply from PG that an app update is coming to fix this. "It could take 1-2 days for Apple to process the update". (which doesn't say they've submitted the update, but at least we know they're working on it...

  • So this was just today? Good...because we just had an update and I was afraid it was still broke. Lets hope they are working on it now.

  • @delmerwilliam This morning. PG has not yet replied to my support request.

  • App-Update has solved my issues. Thanks to PG for the quick fix <3