This video is unavailable SPARK app error message

  • Not work here in Australia too

  • @thejimmyjack I updated my IOS and this still does not work. Interesting that it worked for you.

  • @perry-greg Wait for the "geniuses" at Spark to correct things again. This has happened before and probably will happen again.

  • I cannot load most videos or get a video unavailable but it looks like the audio has loaded into the audio player but it can’t be played. Then if I try to load something else, the audio from the previous video is not cleared.

  • So... no go on my iPad. No go on my phone. Spark, if the system is down, put out a message. Silence does not help.

  • My problem started 36 hours ago. I did all the updates, rebooted everything and I continue to get the message “video unavailable”. None of the songs I got from Spotify will sync with YouTube, and it is hit or miss with the videos already in the App such as a backtrack. Please get a fix for this problem. When this App is working, it is one of the best products out there, and I can play endlessly for hours. When the App has issues, it is frustrating, annoying, and aggravating. The video is nice, but just having the music sync with the chords would be fine. Whatever it takes, please fix it.

  • Moderator

    Hi All,

    We are woking on the fix now and we will release a new update this week,


  • @mike thanks for the update. Getting input from Positive grid puts your mind at ease that it is a known issue and someone is working on it.

  • I had this exact same issue last night and it was screwing my head to the wall. I am using Spark App off iOS (iPhone). Last night I updated to iOS 14.1 after I started having the issues and then this morning deleted the Spark App, reinstalled it and west through the connection process to Spotify and Apple Music and so far seems to be working again. Hopefully it will continue. I raised a support request with Spark so will be interesting to hear what they have to say.

  • Same here I got an e-mail saying it’s the software and they’re working on an update but this has been happening to me periodically since I got the amp now it won’t play songs at all? It would be nice to know when they’ll be getting around to the update. They initially didn’t answer my email until I put in a bad app review then suddenly there was an answer.

  • @frazerjames00 It’s the IOS update it doesn’t agree with their Spark program. We apparently have to wait until Spark updates their program unless you know how to reverse an iOS update nothing I’ve found on the internet has worked with my iPad. Good luck.

  • @frazerjames00 Sorry I should have read all the entries instead of just looking at the time stamps. Apparently Mike says we’re getting an update this week so there’s that. Good luck.

  • @tameralj Hello, I deleted the Spark app on my iPad and then reinstalled it and all worked well after that. Just be sure to save your favorites, etc to the Spark cloud and you should be good to go. Good luck!

  • @jfrancis464 This worked for me too on my iPhone.