Bluetooth Latency

  • So I finally got my Spark amp. And while I'm pretty happy overall, one thing that is really annoying is the latency between the amp and the app when connected via bluetooth.
    When I run the metronome the visual display of the metronome is about 1 quarter in front of the sound from the amp. This is super confusing. I could live with that and just ignore the display, but the behaviour is the same for the SmartJam feature, which makes it really hard to play anything that is even remotely in time and the smart jam feature doesn't seem to be able to cope with that. At least it produces really off rhythms.

    I know that BT latency is basically a hardware issue, but since you are in control of both sides (amp and app) it should be theoretically possible to at least account for that latency and sync the two.
    Or is that latency not normal and I need to change something on my device (galaxy s20)?

  • @krohn-stephan I think you're right As matter of fact I've been experiencing some latency due to BT...But not that badly...(I'm a beginner and it's enough for me to play along) I do notice a certain delay when the cursor runs through the scheme of chords and it does it with delay but I can cope with it once I know the chords I just follow the rythm...