Bias Amp 2 Upgrade Question

  • Yeah so i just got the Bias Amp 2 today for 199Usd after i saw it was released this morning. Then i realize there was the combo with Bias Amp 2 Pro and Bias FX Pro Combo which i want and i saw the price at 150USD. Is that 150USD on top of the 199USD ?

    Also am i still entitled to the free presets? Im mainly looking for Lari’s presets. Thx guys!

  • Don't take this as 100% right, but if you are logged in on the website when you are looking at the upgrade pricing it takes in to account what you currently have and gives you an adjusted price.

    Only reason I think this might be the case is that when bias 2 was announced, when I went to look on the upgrade page it was showing as full priced until I logged in, and then it showed at a fair discount. Also since bias 2 pro is fairly expensive at the moment I'm not sure they would bundle it with FX for the same price as the base version of bias 2.

    Good way to test it would be to log out of the website and check the page again. If the price has gone up then the 150 was an adjusted upgrade fee

  • This post is deleted!