BIAS FX 2 Is there way to remove default presets?

  • BIAS FX 2 Is there way to remove default presets?
    I've tried to remove folder with presets, but then BIAS doesn't start and write error.

  • I haven't seen an option to outright delete presets, but one potential solution (which admittedly could be somewhat time consuming), would be to overwrite the default Presets with your own. You can select default Presets, change them and then overwite them with a new name.

    Of course, you'd need to be creating quite alot of Tones of your own to replace the entire default Preset list; but assuming there are a few you want to keep (or slightly modify at a later date), then you could start by replacing the ones you have no use for now and slowly but surely refine the presets to your taste.

    (To edit the name of a Default Preset, select the edit option in the standard list view of Presets. It's alongside the name of the Preset. After altering the Preset to your taste, you can then overwrite it.)

  • thank you, but no, even after rename I can't delete presets
    I don't need them because my version is LE and they doesn't work for me.