BIAS Amp 2 w/BIAS Head/Rack (Update/Jan/26/2018)

  • @danbieranowski I do have great sounds from V1 but I had to get used to it :) My setup is PRS Custom 22 + Z (2x12) + effects (Delay, Reverb, Wah, Chorus) and it sounds great. something about the clean tons in v2 sounds better in my guitar but 2-3 weeks is ok :) I'll wait :)

  • Calling Bias Amp 2 useless without head/rack compatibility is very unfair, considering Bias began it's life as a soft amp modeller/VST, not a hardware unit.

    I for one love using Bias Amp 2 on my recordings. The second microphone on the cab especially for making fatter, and more textured tones.

  • @bradd_91 I agree to a certain degree :) Bias Amp 2 (for me) is substantially better. it's all about setting the expectations. the only bias amp in the website is bias amp 2 and there is no single place in the rack/head place that state it's all bias v1. this is very misleading and im sure that if it would be clear people will wait until v2 is supported and then buy. being said that, according to some people in the forum it should be released around next week. also, if you want really high sample rates it's unusable because of the latency and this is of course not bias fault :)

  • Any update on when the Bias Amp 2 will be compatible with the Bias Head... I usually use it with the mobile app on my IPad anyways but my Bias Amp 2 has been collecting dust because I don’t own a Digital Audio Workstation input/output unit since the Amp Head is that and much more...

  • Is there anyone actually works at Pos Grid???I downloaded the new Bias amp 2 for my new rack pre...and cannot get it to authorize with the redeem code...Maybe because it is not supported in the new 1000 dollar rig??? one answers my messages, and of course there is no phone pissed at the moment.

  • The redeem code that came with your unit is for BIAS Amp 1 and has nothing to do with BIAS Amp 2. To get BA2 on your account, you'll need to contact support and give them your BIAS Rack's serial number, and they will add the software license to your account. I did this a month ago without any trouble.
    Give them some time to get back with you. We don't know how long you've been trying to contact them, but they've very likely been pretty swamped lately since BIAS Amp 2 was just released, and BIAS FX was just updated to support it.

  • Don't want to bug the guys at PG but it would be really great to have some kind of ETA on the head/rack Bias 2 update even if it looks like it'll take a little while still

  • I agree..


    there you go ... update is : there is no ETA and they have no idea when its done ....

  • I feel like there are working on new hardware to support Bias FX (and Bias amp 2 obvisouly).
    I'm afraid that making current Bias head/rack compatible with Bias Anp 2 is not in their top prorities.
    Otherwise, they would have been able to give us another ETA.

    Maybe we will have it someday.... maybe not

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