Bias FX 2 Mobile and studiomux

  • Some much better news here to report - I ran a loop today for over 2 hours, checked on it now and then and was able to get the longest play without and BUZZ issues in a long time - I am only testing the free version and so far not putting it to much abuse so has been rather stable this way.

    I will add a short video link (no sound) just to give a look at it under stress of IAA and showing a couple views of menus. Main screen I have to say is much cleaner and laid out better, will take some time to get used to (found scenes that I was in error about missing). Also the video shows real time screen changes on the iPad and it is snappy - though as reported by others there is no link back to the host app (like the little red Mic you get in BFX1)

    Nothing with this continuing public beta we get to try out early that makes me think this is not going to be much more exciting than BFX1 mobile - in fact quite the opposite as things get ironed out this is going to finally get much better!

    Will be testing IAA with GarageBand next