Tuner in Bias FX 2

  • The tuner still does not work for me in app. It did not work in Bias FX either. Using a tele but haven’t tried my guitar with humbuckers. Is it possible that the tuner just does not deal well with the normal hum of single coil pickups? The PolyTune app works fine with my setup.

  • Same here. I tried with Guitar and Bass, both with hambuckers. Im using TC-Halicom Go Guitar Pro and the tuning is waaayyy off.
    And on top of that, PG offers Pitch Shifter pedal, but there is no way to Tune the instrument "after" it. You have to connect a speaker to the iPad and use another tuner. What were they thinking ?
    For now, Im connecting the Amp out cable from the Guitar Go Pro to my Fender amp that has built in tuner and I keep the volume down so i dont wake up anybody in the house at night.

    PG, Feed the tuner with signal AFTER the Pitch Shifter, for gods sake !