Melo Audio MIDI Commander will not work within Presonus Studio One 4 Pro

  • I have purchased a Melo Audio MIDI commander, and I am having problems with it. I conferred with a technical specialist from, and it seems that even he could not get it working correctly. I am using a Presonus studio 26c audio interface along with Presonus studio one 4 professional edition and Positive Grids Bias FX2 Elite. I set up and used the MIDI commander within studio one Pro, and with Bias FX2 enabled, and the DAW did recognize the effect on/off signals buttons 1-4 as I tried to change tones on my guitar through Bias FX2, but not the preset buttons A-D happened (no change in guitar effects preset). On the other hand, if I open up Bias FX 2 in standalone mode, I am able to make all the adjustments as advertised. Please, I need help on how to set up the MIDI commander to work within Presonus studio 4 Pro with your Bias FX2 enabled. Thank you so very much ahead of time for your help.

  • @k1277 Not sure if this is applicable to you, but there's a bug in the VST version, where the FX2 client has to be opened in the DAW for any PC preset changes to register. Just enabling it in the DAW isn't enough.The effect on/off (cc#'s) will work without the client being open, but not PC MIDI changes.

    It's an annoying bug, for sure. Hope this helps.