iOS FX2 please address fix PG 👍🏻🎸

  • iOS Fx2 for iPad and iPhone I have tried my iPad and will try my phone soon iPad takes some set up tweaks but most work straight up good. The global settings pre amp is harsh noise on all iOS and Mac. Needs adjustments positive grid. Rest is okay. Also in iOS. The settings of all positive grid need a mono and stereo out slide in Audio settings. So the iPad 3.5 jack will be stereo and not mono. Need to fix this positive grid. Rest is looking good and lm sure future updates will fix this and even other better upgrades. Thanks. 🎸

  • @gumtreeguy7 I was just about to go back to Bias FX 1 when i found out the same as you: Lower the gain on the pre-amps :O Geeeez, do they think everyone plays metal? :p