BIAS FX 2, and the Classic from the 60s pack, and the Metal Signature pack

  • I decided to purchase the BIAS FX 2 Professional license yesterday. I had several previously purchased expansion packs, and they all transferred over except for the Classic from the 60s pack.

    So I sent a note to Positive Grid support, and this is the response I received -

    "Thanks for taking the time to write us.

    If you're having trouble transferring 'Classic 60' and 'Metal Signature' pack, please kindly wait for the next update as our product team is working on the issue. Thank you."

    Ok, a software issue that's being addressed.

    I'm cool with that and ok with waiting.

    (I don't have the Metal Signature pack, but that may be important for some.)

  • @redroc-k
    Thanks for checking- I’ll wait.

  • @redroc-k ditto, thanks for sharing, thats good news. Hopefully the Celestion cab packs purchased in fx1 will also carry over to fx2 at some point soon too. If not I’ll prob just stick with fx1

  • So both packs are now transferring as intended, which is great. The metal pack is handy as it gives you a half dozen amps (only one cab though) without any need for a new license purchase, so you've got a starting point to test the sounds of FX2 to see if it's worth the $ investment. It will be good when the discussion turns to how this sounds rather than licensing / pack transfer issues.