Celestion IR Pack

  • Hi!

    I bought the elite version of Bias amp 2 and cant gett access to celestion modern vintage IR:s. Will it be released in the full version or is something wrong?

  • @christian-lindqvist you should have get a redeem code to unlock this feature.

  • Did you recieve a redeem code`?

  • @christian-lindqvist I am Beta-Tester for BIAS Amp 2, so yes, but in another way than you would get it as a costumer.

  • I also bought the Elite version and can't (couldn't!) get to the Celestion Modern pack either. There were 15 showing to be used, another 15 were locked. Not sure what else is or isn't there at the moment.

    Anyhow, I can't even get Amp 2 to open now, after installing today's release. The install buggered my Amp 1, Pedal, and FX as well. I uninstalled and reinstalled all of them, played through each (standalone), then came back to 2. Now it looks like it starts to open, but it won't.

    I love the products, but I always have weird sh*t going on with PG installs, even my desktop shortcuts have always been fiddley.

    Edit: I got Amp 2 back working: it seems it was stuck between audio/driver preferences and wouldn't load, even after new Amp 2 installs, - until I uninstalled/reinstalled my Zoom UAC-2. Some speedy photography caught the tiny bit of graphics it flashed while trying to load, and that showed the drivers being stuck in between.

    secondly, I DO have 15 Celestion cabs in there, and that was the deal (there are 15 more locked up in plain sight though...). I can't say that I saw any artist presets or anything. I sure would like to know how to get the other 15.

  • Those who bought the Elite version, did you get the Exclusive Artist Presets?? I can't seem to find these or the 100 presets. My ToneCloud looks very generic, is shows Popular, Latest and Category. Nothing else...it seems off

  • Which specific Celestion 15 IRs are included in the Bias 2 Elite version?

  • I just got the artist preset but i have yet to find the "100 Amp Match presets" that should be included in pro and elite version

  • @teaguestob said in Celestion IR Pack:

    Which specific Celestion 15 IRs are included in the Bias 2 Elite version?

    There are 15 Celestion IRs, but I can only find 5 listed on the website:

    Celestion Vintage 30
    Celestion Blue
    Celestion G12H Anniversary
    Celestion G12-65
    Celestion G12M Greenback

  • @kgm said in Celestion IR Pack:

    @teaguestob said in Celestion IR Pack:

    Which specific Celestion 15 IRs are included in the Bias 2 Elite version?

    There are 15 Celestion IRs, but I can only find 5 listed on the website

    AFAIK all IRs are provides as 112, 212 and 412, which may explain the number of 15 (3x5)

  • I got the celestion stuff unlocked. Just needed to log in through bias amp 2. I'm not sure if the modern ones where included though. Bugger me if I can find those 100 matched tones though
    *edit The modern ones aren't included.

  • @christian-lindqvist
    Same here, the Modern Vintage cabs are greyed out in mine too. It gives a link to the store when you click on one but there is nothing to purchase on their store page...boy this stuff is confusing.

  • HI:

    1st post here - sorry if this info is somewhere here and I missed it.

    My question is related to the Celestion IR packs. I think having the interface included to allow visually moving around the mic positions is great, BUT, do I still have access to the individual IR files that represent each mic position within each cab?, if yes, can I use these individual files outside of BA-2? (into another IR load product?).

  • @paulroy I would "assume" all of the IR's are hidden/protected by the system. This keeps people from sharing them with unregistered users, or for use with other non-Bias software.

  • @anthony-newcomb Yes, I would think they would have to encrypt them or make some sort of DRM. You can buy the Celestion packs separately and then import them to PG (I owned a bunch of the Celestion IRs before 2 was released) as individual IRs if you want the IRs by themselves. PG and Celestion deserve to profit from their work! It is very cool.

  • New pricing for the Celestion modern vintage pack available for the different tiers. $69 for Elite users so I just purchased it. Will try them out over the next couple days...feeling optimistic

  • This is the case in Revalver, for example, though in PG's case they must've used neutral mics, as you can/have to use a virtual mic, and it doesn't sound like ass doing so.