I ordered my spark in DEC 2019...its basically 6 months and no advice or update. When I check the tracking it doesnt even show they have shipped it. This is totally unacceptable.

  • Re: [When will my SPARK Amp arrive ? I ordered it Jan. 22nd 2020. They got my Order](but didnt say when it would arrive.)

  • You are not alone. I ordered mine Dec 3rd. I harshly commented on here and within a couple of days it went from in production to in transit to the shipping facility. It took about a week to make it to the shipping facility. Prior to it's arrival there, I complained on here again. Within days, I got a FedEx tracking number on May 20th. It still hasn't left FedEx. Insane.

  • @david-young you would expect at least an email back or a more up to date update in general, the cs is none existent you just get sent to the tracking tab or help section that does not help, it is not good, even with lock down working from home for the cs is an easy fix so thy van update customers

  • Same here guys. Poor CS for sure....

  • Ordered Spark in January. Received email in May stating 4-6 weeks to ship. It’s been 7 weeks. Checked status of order- in transit STILL and that’s not even to me, but local distribution- whatever that means?!!!
    I’m sick and tired of watching guitarists on YouTube review the amp!!! They must have pre-ordered in 2018!!

    I’m very disappointed that my money was taken over 5 months ago and I am yet to see the product! Brand trust is earned and right now Positive Grid is in the negative!!!

  • Could not agree more. All the lies from PG are making it go from frustration to anger. The utter lack of concern for the customers who shelled out hundreds of $$, many months in advance and in good faith tell me all I need to know about the management of this company. No customer support at all (no, the same copy and pasted canned response to any and all questions are NOT customer support) Never again.

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  • @david-young
    It seems to me they still can't keep up with demand on theses amps.
    I ordered mine 7 days ago not heard a thing from them.
    About there posted it or whatever .
    Sorry I lie I got a message that they have except payment.
    So I would of thought they would of posted by now
    I give it until last week in December if I don't hear by then I'll ask for my money back.
    All the best to others who are waiting have a good Christmas 2020.

  • @plug65 one guy got his after 6 mos but they told me two wks and I got it in 5 days.

  • @plug65 if you can hold out I think you'll be very pleased. I have no faith in the company, but the spark is fantastic à

  • My girlfriend ordered one for me for Christmas and it arrived in a couple of weeks just in time for Christmas. Now if I can figure out how to make all the connections to my Windows 10 PC and get the BIAS Platinum software up and running.

  • I ordered mine direct from PG and got it in the mail 3 days later.... Really guys, nothing takes that long even during the pandemic. File a claim because if it's been that long, your likely not going to get it. Use common sense.

  • @mlalla42 BIAS software at the moment does not connect to the Spark40. I thought this would also. I waited to get the AMP FX 2 because of this. They have a mobile version of both AMP and FX but it's only on Apple products now. So if you use BIAS amp, your going to have to use it alone on the computer and use the Spark40 as an audio interface into it.

    I hope PG has plans on migrating the mobile version and PC version in some sort of package so users can use both instead of buying for each machines operating system. Until then I am waiting to buy AMP 2 and FX 2 so I can use them with the Spark40 in the future. Hopefully....

  • @comptech302 Thank you for the info. That is kind of depressing to hear.

  • @mlalla42 Not really. Its actually a good thing we are talking about this and PG see's it and realizes customers would continue to buy thier products in the future if they do migrate into this. Which I think they are because everything they have made came out on iOS and then windows and android. They already have a mobile version of AMP and FX so its only a matter of time man. They will come out.

  • I've heard people receiving their Sparks any time from 3 days to 10 days in recent weeks.

    Mine took four and a half months! :P
    How ever long it takes, it's worth it!