I ordered my spark in DEC 2019...its basically 6 months and no advice or update. When I check the tracking it doesnt even show they have shipped it. This is totally unacceptable.

  • Re: [When will my SPARK Amp arrive ? I ordered it Jan. 22nd 2020. They got my Order](but didnt say when it would arrive.)

  • You are not alone. I ordered mine Dec 3rd. I harshly commented on here and within a couple of days it went from in production to in transit to the shipping facility. It took about a week to make it to the shipping facility. Prior to it's arrival there, I complained on here again. Within days, I got a FedEx tracking number on May 20th. It still hasn't left FedEx. Insane.

  • @david-young you would expect at least an email back or a more up to date update in general, the cs is none existent you just get sent to the tracking tab or help section that does not help, it is not good, even with lock down working from home for the cs is an easy fix so thy van update customers