Record smart jam tracks to my DAW out of spark amp?

  • How do I record smart jam tracks to my DAW out of Spark amp?

  • That might not be possible. The app plays backing tracks to the amp via bluetooth. The amp input via USB records the guitar. I think you would have to mic up the amp to get everything.

  • Spark Stereo Headphone output into Line Input on third party audio Interfce

  • You could if you have a 2 channel interface take the backing tracks from the headphone socket of the iPad for 1 channel, then headphone socket from Spark amp to your 2nd channel. Assuming you have a 2 channel interface that is (as I am looking down at UMC204HD)

    This I guess would give you 2 separate tracks to play with.

    There's probably other ways such as DI into the interface and running through BIAS2 or Guitar Rig - then why have Spark Amp???

  • @davegas666 you need a mini jack cable to put in Spark headphone output and on the other end of the cable 2 tlr guitar style jacks (mono) into a 2 channels interface (L/R) (this is to get stereo signal)

  • @davegas666 Hello Dave, A question for you....How is the UMC204HD interface perform (especially with the Spark and PC?) I'm about to buy one of those...Is it good ? (I read lots of positive reviews...) Have you tried to record on a DAW the backing tracks or Dave the drummer using the headphones cable into the Interface? Does that work, or you need to mic for recording?