Give us a way in Mobile BFX1 to bypass the redirect Prompt

  • Umm Positive grid this is silly - if I accidentally touch the shopping cart while playing and making a change it takes me to your nifty Redirect Prompt that we can NOT dismiss without touching it and opening the Crapstore so if you are playing live this could be a huge problem - can't you just make it show us this if AFTER we go to the Shopping cart and Then try to buy an upgrade (which we no longer can - totally stupid) that would bring it up? that way you could at least go directly back to the app without opening the Crapstore having to minimize or dismiss it and then having to bring BFX1 back into focus which involves multiple touches to get back

    come on seriously stop shoving adds down our throats again like when we had no setting to turn off notifications and you fixed that for us


  • Yes, even in the Live View interface. I think you guys (PG) should hide the Shopping Cart icon, at least in the Live View interface, since I don't think anyone would be buying new extension packs and licenses while playing live on stage (obviously). This applies to both BFX 1 and 2.

    And for BFX 1 perhaps it's time to get rid of that shopping cart icon since the store for that version no longer works. You guys already have news and promotion button, to promote that new BFX 2.