Nasty clicking noise when switching channels

  • A2

    I'm getting a really loud pop when switching from path 1 to path two. I tried putting the hi pass from the rack eq on, but its still there. Its far louder than either amp can go, and probably risky for a speaker and especially the audience!

    A possible fix would be being able to inversely turn the volume knobs at the mixer to fade between the two paths Its sort of what Tonestack can do, although I think in that case its after the split, but before the paths.

    One more reason to allow MIDI to set minimum and maximum values as well.

  • I am also getting a nasty loud click when I switch patches too.
    What is puzzling me, is that my friend also has an iPad Pro 10.5, exactly same year (2017) and specs, and his is fine.

    I am wondering if I have to do a full iPad reset.
    It would be great if anybody here could let us know if they ever came across this.

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