MIDI Global and Local?

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    I can find almost zero information on the MIDI system for Bias FX. There seem to be at least three places to set MIDI assignments.

    1: in Settings / MIDI control assignments
    These seem to be global, and at the same time, do not show settings made by #2 or #3 methods

    2: By clicking on pedals in the GUI
    Not all parameters are able to be accessed here. For instance, wah toggle doesn't seem to be accessible from here nor does any of the splitter/mixer. I cannot find any way to see what is assigned to these MIDI parameters. This appears to save locally

    3: The Live View pedalboard GUI
    This seems to have several MIDI options and I can't tell if its local or global. As far as I can tell, there is an extremely limited number of parameters that can be accessed here, but I could be extremely wrong.

    Can anyone help me understand the MIDI system on Bias FX?

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    Are the second and third method local?

    Can I toggle on/off a pedal assigning an unique and Local CC message per patch using method 2 or 3?

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    I'm trying to figure that out :(

    Frustrating, but documentation is seriously no fun, so its understandable

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    @pipelineaudio ok, i'm going to do some tests Tomorrow

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    freaking GOOD news :D

    1st method is global
    Here you can set a CC list for every pedal/function of bias amp
    I recommend to use this only for things you always use in every patch at the same way such as Tuner, tap tempo or patch up/down
    I don't recommend use this method in order to toggle on/off pedals...
    here's why (read last post):

    2nd method is local
    the live view mode allows you to assign a CC message on each pad.
    Unfortunately only 4 of them are configurable as you like so this kind of use it's limited.
    Anyway I find it very helpful in case in your patch you're using 2 amps and you want to switch between the two: there's the switch CH function that I don't find anywhere else
    It is also a good place where you can assign a CC message to toggle on/off volume/whammy/wah pedals or toggle on/off pedaly by category (useful in case you want toggle on/off modulation fx all at once)

    3rd Method is LOCAL
    Awsome. you can assign CC to toglle on/off or control any knob of any pedals you have in your chain
    Knobs or Wah pedals can be controlled with an expression of course, but it is also possible to controll'em with a latch or momentary switch..in this case the value goes from 0 to 127 instantly...intresting for some effects

    with third method though you can't control the splitter, the amp, the mixer, the IAA and you can't neither toggle on/off volume/wah pedals

    We can of course use all of these 3 methods at the same time...

    to me it's the turning point I was waiting for! thanks for your inputs!

    It's a shame though positive team didn't provide more informations about this!

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    This is awesome! Thank you. I dont know why its so hard to find this sort of info, but it is!

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    I've investigated a little further and I found that Live view is local, but CC midi message you assign to liveView's pad is global
    It complicates things a bit...

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