• Guys,

    I know many of you are very frustrated. I was till I got mine 2 weeks ago. Positive Grid is a good company. It is no point for them to explain to anyone here of their difficulties. I wouldnt want to know either. However, like you, I was beginning to be very skeptical and questioned the capability of the company. Being a subscriber to their BIAS FX2 and was also with them from the very beginning, I risked it and waited for a long time. After a few emails and exchanges online, Finally they sent it to me.

    If you think of cancelling your order, just remember this, you waited for a long time already, just a little bit more , your order will come through. Just be patient.

    You will miss out on a piece of technology that is remarkable and at the same time, such a pleasurable device to have that time passes by so quickly when you are out on a date with it.

    Patience my friends. I would love to see you guys drool and salivate at its capabilities.


  • It may not be a SCAM, but I'm sure that regardless of how good your product is, if it's comes with services that doesn't match it, then nobody wants it. They could at the very lease update by email everyone that is waiting.

  • I have received mine a few days ago after a long wait.
    it's worth the wait, it's a nice "piece ot technologie".
    you won't find a equivalent on the market for that price.
    just be patient !

  • @tahar-b How long did you have to wait?

  • @jctamayo111 Ordered Nov.8, arrived April 20.

  • Spark ⚡️ is not a scam. I agree. But a phone line for customers would be great. Fender have a phone for customer service. I have almost bought everything digital PG and getting new iOS fx2 this week.

    Spark amp PG say the amps are all in Hong Kong ready for all Australians. So press the send button.
    Let’s have our amps. First come first serve all send now it’s all good to me. Long as fair is happening and really I’m getting products for USA in two weeks and a Australian buddy of mine does over 120 million of products from China to Australia and he’s having no delivery delays like what positive grid suggest. So with our amps in Hong Kong. Let’s have them. Maybe my buddy could send them with his goods.

    We all want our goods with no faults like noise and shock and no earth. We want it grounded and set up so no noise interference the reason I bought it. Still waiting please Friendly management and staff As PG please send our amps. Please 🙏🏻🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺
    Australia 🇦🇺 loves you. Love us back. Thanks 🙏🏻

  • @jctamayo111 Ordered in September, arrived April 22

  • @gumtreeguy7 yea mate! I feel you man. Just wait.. it will eventually turn up at yer door step mate

  • @gumtreeguy7 At last some hope, (from another Aussie).

  • @jctamayo111 Agree. My last several emails have gone unanswered, not even the auto responses saying "we'll get back to you as soon as possible."

  • @shiva_adm They are not very good at Customer Communication. I accidentally deleted my confirmation emails add to my purchase so I don’t have the order number to track my order There’s no customer service without the order number and no way to contract positive grid?

  • @smithpat269 oh my.. that email is important.. but then, i didnt receive any confirmation emails from them either.. so it doesnt really matter.. dont worry too much.

  • @jones-gf they did for me though

  • I was able to get the email for the CEO, but I think I'm just going to wait it out. The poor guy is having his own set of troubles trying get all these orders filled. Judging from all the responses from people that have gotten the amp already, it sounds like it's worth the wait, even if the product is made in

  • @smithpat269 Same experience. I wasn't even able to make an order as their shopping cart UX experience completely sucks. After 20 declines of valid cards I gave up. Now I'm getting spammed by automated emails and still have not found one human that works at this company. What a shit show