Still Waiting for Spark - Pathetic Lies. Bait and Switch

  • I'm a power supporter and placed the order in November. Was supposed to receive in January, then February, then March.....
    April 16th I received a note that it was shipped WOO-HOO.
    Not exactly. Another bait and switch.
    A shipping label was created and the delivery is "Pending".
    It has been pending for over a month.
    Too many emails back and forth with "customer service" where they lied and said it was in FedEx warehouse and they were having issues with delayed deliveries.
    Not true. According to FedEx that is simply not possible. It was never picked up, no tracking possible, not in their warehouse.
    At this point, I just want my money back.
    Ridiculous, pathetic, inept company.
    Really great marketing and able to take your money with no problems but totally incapable of delivering on any promise or deliver the truth.

  • @phil As a Pre-order, a delay is expected. I agree. Once timelines are quoted it tends to indicate all is running to plan. When untruths are circulated to appease people, that is poor business. A little honesty would go a long way.

  • I have the same issue PS says amp has shipped and FedEx has it but because of virus they are backed. FedEx says they have only received shipping info but no item to ship. Contacted PS and got the normal response that it’s an issue at FedEx and they have closed my issues. Been waiting since last November. Not sure where to go from here. Very frustrating.

  • I have bought loads how or where do I see on a power supporter ??

  • This is like a Kickstarter. I've waited 3 years for something on there before. You're getting a "pre-release" (read beta) item. It is taking forever yes. Well people bitched enough and now they're getting sent half baked products.

    But trust me when I say you don't want it yet, it's still a little buggy, and if you have some patience, you'll have a smoother experience than most of us are having right now, based on conversations in the Owners Facebook group.