Settings and Sound not changing..?

  • I've been running BIAS FX Pro through Studio One 4 Pro for a month with no problems, until today. All of the sudden, when I make any adjustments on an amp or pedal, or even completely change an amp or cab, the sound does not change at all. If I click my "monitor", in Studio One, OFF and then back ON, the sound is then changed. But, who the H wants to have to do that?? Before, I could make all kinds of adjustments and hear them instantly, like you're supposed to, so I'm wondering wth happened?? I even upgraded to Elite today, thinking that maybe with the new download, that everything would work itself out and "update", or "fix itself" somehow, but that didn't change anything. I mean, I have the Elite package now, but none of the sounds are changing, unless I click the monitor button on and off. So, for example, if I raise the "Volume" on an amp up two notches, I have to turn "monitor" off and then back on in order for the adjustment to take place. Has anybody experienced this?? What's going on?? BTW, I've reset my computer numerous times, closed out of BFX numerous times, refreshed BFX numerous times, re-verified my plug in routing in Studio One, closed Studio One numerous times, everything is up to date, etc. Please help...?

  • I did want to add to this....I just remembered that my computer did an update last night after I got done with a session. Is it possible that the update is causing this somehow??

  • @jhbaker78 what OS version # are you running?

  • @tafkad 1909

  • @jhbaker78 I'm not familiar with that Operating System or it's version number..

  • @tafkad Maybe I misunderstood. That's the Windows 10 OS. Or are you talking about the version # for Bias or Studio One? I'm running for Studio One and v2_1_9_4900 for BIAS FX

  • @jhbaker78 win 10 - yes that would be the OS version #

    • when you say "my computer did an update last night.."

    would that be a reference to a windows update or?

  • @tafkad Yeah, a Windows update

  • So, for an update.... since the other night, I've started two new songs and BIAS FX is working perfectly in those. I've went back to the "problem song" a few times, and it must just be something in that song because it's still the same situation. It's strange. So, I just transferred the info from the "problem song" to a new one and I've had no other problems. I'm still puzzled as to what caused that, but at least it's not a complete program issue.